Ian H Powell aka iam

All of the different headings and titles I use on this site, as well as many others I have worked under, effectively say the same thing in different ways:  I am a keen observer and a great listener with powerful analytical skills and the ability to express my thoughts and feelings in pretty much any given format be it physically, intellectually or artistically.

While working as a teacher, mentor and educational consultant and continuing with preparations for establishing the next HOME, a new location for New Paradigm Education, I’m occasionally consulting with Professional Remedy and offering preparation/therapy sessions with Medicine Retreats.  Weekly I work as a focali$er with the Psycho Book Club as part of The Genius Project.

The main enterprises I’ve set-up and run over the last 20 years are Red ZebraSalut Les PetitsLittle England Petite France and New Paradigm Education, all educational projects.  For a few years I ran a festival called Stenfest primarily so that my own family could enjoy a beautiful outdoor event locally.  I produced spoken word albums and websites for two genius wordsmiths Inter Ference and Marty Segal.

Many of the websites I’ve created are conceptual or offer information on specific ideas or fields of interest including:  the Unified Kindom, The Gaian ReligionNational SickdayFree BeingsMade in the UKKill Your TelevisionCredit Challenge, and Globalised English.  Since starting 20 years ago, I’ve had two small music labels occasionally releasing limited editions namely musiciam and No Talent?… from time to time I record music as the Karaoke Kickboxers or make programs which I add to Multiple Radio Shows.