The Latest, Greatest Discovery…

I’ve often described myself as having been educated in the School of Life… but my recent discovery of the YouTube channel going by that name has been a joyful revelation.  Beautifully made, concise, colourful videos… means that catalysing a discussion on any number of topics with children or adults is made very, very easy.  Packed with information and loads of pointers for further exploration.  An excellent resource for self-education.


The One-Straw Revolution

Somehow, despite the profoundly significant work of an inspiring man who showed the world how to farm in harmony with nature… the majority of modern agriculture is still literally dragging it’s knuckles in the dirt and stumbles on thoughtlessly churning up the earth in a futile attempt to increase upon the abundant supply of food the soil can easily provide.  The permaculture movement was pretty much founded upon this man’s work and perhaps it just takes time for the awareness of natural farming and its life-enhancing qualities to be scattered and to germinate.  His delightful book The One-Straw Revolution, is more about an attitude to existence than the mechanics of farming and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Article on Masanobu Fukuoka and his life’s work.

Sands School – What Great Education Can Look Like

If you suspect that state education is falling far short of the mark but you can’t quite imagine what good education could look like…. watch this.  Sands School, an excellent example of democratic education seems to be providing an excellent service that celebrates the creativity and the individuality of their students whilst building mutual consideration.

The Recovering Face Addict

The last email to my mailing list prompted some feedback to say that there was a hint of the recovering alcoholic or the evangelistic ex-smoker in the way I was talking about Faceboob.

There’s no doubt I got a lot out of my experience… I want to make it clear that my FaceFeed was a veritable torrent of inspiring ideas and connections, there’s a huge amount I discovered even if that came at a price.  I suppose Alcoholics Anonymous exists because there are recovering addicts who are able to give hope to others that another way is possible… I guess this was my hope too.

A Force For Change or Forced to Change?

In these times of great turbulence we have the power to choose whether to live as a force for change or accept that we will be forced to change.

Everything in life is constantly in a state of flux… moving, growing, transforming, evolving.  To think that we can resist the tides and currents of existence is insanity.


What is a Superhero?

If you think that a superhero means a lycra-clad, masked and muscled man with magical powers, it might be time to update your ideas.  A superhero does not have to mean some Nietzschean image of perfection the recent decades of superhero comics and graphic novels stand as testimony.

Sometimes a superhuman achievement is just to make it through a whole day without being violent in thought or action.  Sometimes it could be simply being there for someone at the crucial point when they needed some support whether that be just a hug or even a glance of understanding.

Perhaps all we need to do is show some heart? Continue reading “What is a Superhero?”

Rebooting the System

Terence McKenna admonished us to remember that culture is not our friend.

We can think of culture as a programming language with which our fleshy biocomputers are able to process the information bombarding our reality tunnels.  Defects in language result in defective thinking.  Unhealthy thoughts lead to dis-ease and destruction.  It is time to update our operating systems.  The bugs we see in our social software arise from faulty coding and input analysis.  We can improve our all our lives by integrating these redefined programming terms presented here into our thinking, assisting us with the task of deprogramming ourselves from collective insanity. Continue reading “Rebooting the System”

The Paradox of Playgrounds

Playgrounds are increasingly being regarded as another well meaning failure by modern institutions who were hoping to excite or to serve our children, they merely help to  preserve a final enclave in the urban monopolies where children can play without the imminent threat of cars.

As a parent, childminder and nursery manager I have spent literally thousands of hours in playgrounds.  My wife and I couldn’t help but notice that we were of a very small number to be simply watching from the sidelines whilst our children did what they do best and play.  The most common sight in modern playgrounds are little people being followed by their much bigger care-givers who could easily be mistaken for predatory stalkers.  Imagine the high pitched voice as they barrage them with questions of the kind: “Can you get up there? Do you want me to push you?  What shall I make for you?  Do you want to go on the slide or the swings?”…  incessantly admonishing their offspring to “Be careful.” Continue reading “The Paradox of Playgrounds”

Life After Facebook

Since leaving Facebook at the start of the year, nearly a month now, I’ve been experiencing a wide range of different emotions. The positive ones include…

  • Surprise and relief at the amount of time at my disposal, I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d been spending ‘looking for something’ in a dopamine fuelled surge for distraction.
  • Happiness to have had greater connection with people in the ‘real world’.  I’ve picked up the phone and met with friends instead of being satisfied with a textual exchange.
  • Passion for creativity with extra time and thinking space.
  • Better sleep and greater vitality without the consistent distraction tempting me.

Are We Not Standing At The Fountainhead?

Tonight I watched a film that moved me deeply, perhaps one of the greatest films I’ve seen since Network (1976).  They certainly don’t make them like they used to.

I’ve suffered great anguish in recent times through wondering if I shouldn’t just submit to society’s clamouring pleas for conformity.  Am I really so proud that I am not willing to sacrifice myself in the name of a peaceful life? Continue reading “Are We Not Standing At The Fountainhead?”

2015: Year of Transition

New Year’s Day 2015 was a significant day in my life because I finally had the courage to close my Facebook account and to destroy my bank cards turning away from the use of invasive technologies and traditional banks… systems that represent ‘the old way’ of doing things… in favour of employing methods for interaction that are more congruent with a better future for all. Continue reading “2015: Year of Transition”


“There will come a time in your life when you will ask yourself a series of questions.
Am I happy with who I am?
Am I happy with the people around me?
Am I happy with what I’m doing?
Am I happy with the way my life is going?
Do I have a life or am I just living?
Do not let these questions restrain or trouble you, just point yourself in the direction of your dreams, find your strength in the sound and make your transition. Continue reading “Transition”

A New Approach to Therapy?

Why do individuals often consider themselves to be the one with an issue as they try in vain to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society?

The truth is that all human woe arises as a response to unhealthy environmental conditions.  IT IS NEVER THE FAULT OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

However, once this has been acknowledged, it then becomes the responsibility of the individual to act.

Instead of paying a therapist when you are suffering, how about engaging a therapist who gets paid when you are well and whose earnings cease when you are not happy?

By employing this principle, inspired by the Chinese model of medical practice, the therapist has a genuine and guaranteed concern to ensure you attain or remain in a good state of health.  This is a different approach to life or health insurance.  Invest a vanishingly small sum every week and have the right to see your therapist whenever you want.  The therapist equally has the right to make strong recommendations motivated by their vested interest in keeping you well.  If a client does not follow the recommendations of the therapist, they lose the implicit right to further treatment unless they are willing to pay more.

Surely this is better for everyone?

Ian H Powell is Dead

A name is not a living thing, it is a sound used to point to something.  A name is a part of speech associated with a given entity.  Ian H Powell was a name given to me by my parents… and as an act of trust… they registered my given name with a group masquerading as a democratic government.  My parents, acting in good faith, unwittingly created a Trust in my name which was then capitalised… in every sense of the word.  The name was altered from Ian H Powell to the capitis diminutio maxima version IAN H POWELL… and a financial value was ascribed to this Trust and added to some accounting columns where it became capital used in order to secure a loan from the debt-based banking syndicates. This creation of a legal fiction may or may not have been initiated with benevolent intent but one thing is very clear… i, a man… am not my name. Continue reading “Ian H Powell is Dead”

How a Non-Police State Might Look

There are better ways of self organising… it seems worthwhile considering there might just be alternative possibilities:

Positive Law

Law Is a Negative Concept

From the era of the political pamphlet: The Law by Frédéric Bastiat

A little taster:

“The harmlessness of the mission performed by law and lawful defence is self-evident; the usefulness is obvious; and the legitimacy cannot be disputed.

As a friend of mine once remarked, this negative concept of law is so true that the statement, the purpose of the law is to cause justice to reign, is not a rigorously accurate statement. It ought to be stated that the purpose of the law is to prevent injustice from reigning. In fact, it is injustice, instead of justice, that has an existence of its own. Justice is achieved only when injustice is absent.”

The Biggest Hurdle to Ending the Drug War?

This may well be an unusually brief blog on this subject but it’s clear there are no reasonable arguments to be made for the continued social policy of prohibition and criminalisation of drugs, the spurious suggestion that removing these barriers to taking drugs will encourage significant uptake is farcical.  Convinced by the medicinal value of some psycho-active substances, I do not subscribe to Russell Brand’s advocacy for total abstinence but I still really appreciated his recent documentary.  The big reason for ongoing prohibition which I suspect is the elephant in the room on this issue is one I haven’t heard put forward lately.

Politicians are either:

1/ paid off by or

2/ too scared to confront

…the secret service/mafia entities who use cash from black market economies to fund their activities.  Immediately after 9/11, the first target for Western forces were the opium fields of Afghanistan where thousands of troops were posted to protect crops, later distributed globally under the cover of body bags and military operations. Black Ops have to get funded somehow and black market commerce is one way for secret government departments and associated shadow dwelling agencies to get liquid.  Incidentally, cheap heroin and other such narcotics are also great ways of suppressing any revolutionary spirit.  There are very convincing sources suggesting Vietnam may well have been instigated and sustained as a means of dampening the spirits of the black civil rights movement in America by introducing waves of young black man to the copious supplies of opiates in the East.

Personally, I think the issue around drugs is not so much to be solved by political policy as by addressing the corruption of the statute based legal system.  Drug use is not a common law crime, it is an inherent right that men and women must be able to affect their nervous systems without interference.  It is the unlawful practices and manipulation of the police force that begs reform in my opinion.

Make DuckDuckGo your Default Search Engine

If you want to prevent companies from being able to use your search history to create virtual models of yourself in order to target advertising or inform intelligence agencies… try duckduckgo… I’ve been using it for a while now… it’s fast, simple and takes two minutes to change… simply type “Make DuckDuckGo your Default Search Engine” into your default browser and follow the instructions.  This simple act has the potential to protect your data and help release the grip that Google has been gaining over internet services.  This is one more simple step to a truly democratic, decentralised future where no-one has control over our access to information.

Progress and Poverty

Who could dispute the insanity of fleas arguing about who owns the dog?

Not many people seem to have heard of Henry George.  After nearly 25 years of taking a keen interest in Economics I was surprised to find that this man has provided one of the most damning critiques of Adam Smith et al and provides a convincing deconstruction of the logical fallacies that underpin our modern world.

Regardless of the absurdity of the situation, we humans persist in the insanity of disputing who owns the land.  Who could ever own the land?  The confusion between the right to own the product of one’s labour and the right to own the land is crippling civilisation and guarantees our demise if we don’t get over this erroneous thinking.  Every previous empire has fallen when the levels of inequality becomes intolerable.

Quite incredibly, Henry George outlines a beautifully simple means to alter the course of our collective future, should we be willing to challenge the inherited assumptions of the past.  A win-win solution awaits us.

Here’s a link to the book online with a great narration in a soothing voice I’ve enjoyed listening to late at night.

End of the Middleman

It seems to me there is little doubt that the increased urgency for international trade agreements and police militia etc are a result of the panic felt by the financial Powers That Were in the face of decentralised commerce. No longer do we need private banks to stamp the Queen’s head on debt-based, fiat currencies.  This article sums it up nicely:


Furthermore… technology like this makes the decentralised future even more inevitable:

Reply from the Naked Prisoner

I’ve just received a response from Stephen Gough.  Recently I was moved to hear about the ongoing incarceration of the Naked Rambler who has been in prison for over ten years now, three in solitary confinement, with immediate arrest following each release because despite warnings, he immediately undressed on principle.  He has even removed all his clothes in court to defend the right to be naturally naked.

The pictures above show how time and incarceration have affected him.  I wrote to him in prison and today I feel moved to have received a reply… excerpts of which I include here:

Dear Ian,

Thanks for your letter.

Yeah, it’s amazing what you find out about a country, or indeed a person, when you put their words or reputation to the test.  My eyes have been opened for sure.

What I’ve come to realise in this little adventure is… the problem is very simple: people are just not being honest.  You couldn’t get much simpler, could you?  It’s something we encounter everyday.  It is not complicated.

I’m trying to think whether I am being too simplistic.  And I don’t think I am.  Of course, to be honest we’ve got to be conscious; and by ‘conscious’ I mean ‘present’ or ‘self-aware’.  We need to have the courage to face whatever truth may transpire – because if we haven’t been honest, more than likely, we’ve been avoiding the truth for a reason.  We may not, for instance, want to know the truth, or, at least, that’s what we may be telling ourselves.  Yet, I think, we all know deep down that the truth, wherever it may lead us, will lead us in a direction that is best for us (and everyone else) in the long-term.  Why wouldn’t any sane person want to know it?

As I have found out, this dishonesty is everywhere: ‘high’ or ‘low’ – not that I think people in high places are necessarily any better than the people lower down the ranks.  Nothing I’ve seen or experienced tells me any different.

I did have hopes that the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) would be more objective; and, therefore, honest, but they have proven themselves no different to anyone else.  I thought that because I imagined being more removed from the pressures that any controversy might bring that they’d take more risks.  Evidently not. (I had a case rejected by the ECHR on 28th Oct last month [2014], in case you didn’t know).

What can you do but tread your own path?  The consequences of joining in with the insanity is yet more insanity.  And who knows you might inspire others to choose differently, also.  Maybe not.  But there is only one sane choice and you’ve got to make that choice whether others are with you or not.  Someone has got to make the first move, and if you are following your truth, others will join you eventually.  Of that I am sure.  Do it for love.

Love, Steve.  xxx

If you should wish to write I’m sure it would be appreciated:

Stephen Gough, A3825CT
A Wing (A2-21)
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
SO22 5DF



Dr Gabor Maté

This man has become one of my favourite speakers, every talk I’ve listened to has been engaging, inspirational and informative, delivered with a tenderness and compassion that would soften the hardest of hearts.  His insight into health was built upon years of serving as a family doctor combined with his dedication to supporting those in palliative care or with addiction problems.  His personal experience of ADD, ADHD, addiction and many other forms of illness results in a deep understanding and inspiring vision of how the whole spectrum of disease is inter-related.


The minute that a sufficient number of people grasp the truth of what’s laid out clearly in this blog I’m reposting here, we can find ourselves with a very different world. It is singularly the most ignored and equally powerful information regarding our modern society. It also touches on why Alex Jones and info wars have never and will never present any genuine solutions.

Dismiss the Police – Get them to Read!

Danny Shine the social experimentalist and artist from “Everything’s OK” on top form here, has he found the magic formula for dealing with the Police?