It Takes More than a Village to Raise a Child

Michael Meade is truly a genius of our times with an incredible story and I’m sharing this recent article where he draws upon his work with young people and his unparalleled knowledge of myth, culture and psychology.


Why it Takes More than One Real Man to Really Love a Woman

What man would ever be conceited enough to claim that he can meet all the needs of a woman?

The needs of a woman (and indeed all of us) are many and varied.  There are physical needs, emotional needs, intellectual needs, spiritual needs… there are needs so subtle they escape all classification and definition, some arise spontaneously in the moment and require extreme sensitivity and intuition in order to be met.

Some men excel in meeting a woman’s need for physical security, food shelter and the like… some men (not many!) have a flair for understanding the emotional affairs of her heart… some may be able to support a woman with a sense of belonging and self worth… and others may have a capacity for fulfilling her sensual desires.

But what man would claim to be able to do all of these things… and even then… all of the time? Continue reading Why it Takes More than One Real Man to Really Love a Woman

The Peer to Peer Economy

If you really want to feel inspired the direction our culture seems to be moving in and stay ahead of the curve, I highly recommend watching this video.  James Corbett with another excellent report highlighting a whole range of aspects about P@P developments including loads I’d never heard about despite having kept abreast of this subject… check it out…

Two Fleas and the Question of a Dog

Although the absurdity of the image of two fleas arguing over who owns the dog is immediately apparent… the absurdity of how we must pay for the right to live on the land continues to escape our society as a whole.

Over 20 years of paying rent and feeling the futility of trying to build a home whilst vulnerable to the whims of the housing market… I have been moved on from over 30 addresses.  Last year my patience finally broke and for the last 15 months I’ve lived without a place to call my own, rent free and without the associated property obligations but experiencing an even greater form of vulnerability.  Although I’ve not had to spend a night on the streets, there have been moments when the dampness of a shop doorway has felt perilously close, close enough to further deepen my empathy for those with no alternative.

Our culture is so completely insane, so totally upside down and back to front… it seems we must choose between living as an outlaw or surrendering to the insanity of reinforcing our culture’s bizarre traditions like paying money for the right to lie down on a small patch of earth.

The Recovering Face Addict

The last email to my mailing list prompted some feedback to say that there was a hint of the recovering alcoholic or the evangelistic ex-smoker in the way I was talking about Faceboob.

There’s no doubt I got a lot out of my experience… I want to make it clear that my FaceFeed was a veritable torrent of inspiring ideas and connections, there’s a huge amount I discovered even if that came at a price.  I suppose Alcoholics Anonymous exists because there are recovering addicts who are able to give hope to others that another way is possible… I guess this was my hope too.

A Force For Change or Forced to Change?

In these times of great turbulence we have the power to choose whether to live as a force for change or accept that we will be forced to change.

Everything in life is constantly in a state of flux… moving, growing, transforming, evolving.  To think that we can resist the tides and currents of existence is insanity.


New Paradigm Astrology

There are many people who disregard astrology out of hand because of a misunderstanding that the stars in some way exert a force over human lives and shape events or incline us to behave in certain ways.  This is a misunderstanding of the alchemical appreciation of the adage: “As above, so below, as within, so without”. Continue reading New Paradigm Astrology

Rebooting the System

Terence McKenna admonished us to remember that culture is not our friend.

We can think of culture as a programming language with which our fleshy biocomputers are able to process the information bombarding our reality tunnels.  Defects in language result in defective thinking.  Unhealthy thoughts lead to dis-ease and destruction.  It is time to update our operating systems.  The bugs we see in our social software arise from faulty coding and input analysis.  We can improve our all our lives by integrating these redefined programming terms presented here into our thinking, assisting us with the task of deprogramming ourselves from collective insanity. Continue reading Rebooting the System

The Paradox of Playgrounds

Playgrounds are increasingly being regarded as another well meaning failure by modern institutions who were hoping to excite or to serve our children, they merely help to  preserve a final enclave in the urban monopolies where children can play without the imminent threat of cars.

As a parent, childminder and nursery manager I have spent literally thousands of hours in playgrounds.  My wife and I couldn’t help but notice that we were of a very small number to be simply watching from the sidelines whilst our children did what they do best and play.  The most common sight in modern playgrounds are little people being followed by their much bigger care-givers who could easily be mistaken for predatory stalkers.  Imagine the high pitched voice as they barrage them with questions of the kind: “Can you get up there? Do you want me to push you?  What shall I make for you?  Do you want to go on the slide or the swings?”…  incessantly admonishing their offspring to “Be careful.” Continue reading The Paradox of Playgrounds

Life After Facebook

Since leaving Facebook at the start of the year, nearly a month now, I’ve been experiencing a wide range of different emotions. The positive ones include…

  • Surprise and relief at the amount of time at my disposal, I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d been spending ‘looking for something’ in a dopamine fuelled surge for distraction.
  • Happiness to have had greater connection with people in the ‘real world’.  I’ve picked up the phone and met with friends instead of being satisfied with a textual exchange.
  • Passion for creativity with extra time and thinking space.
  • Better sleep and greater vitality without the consistent distraction tempting me.
  • Satisfaction (and perhaps an unhealthy pinch of pride) for having had the courage of my conviction to stop doing something that felt incongruent with my principles.
  • Continue reading Life After Facebook

School for the Awakening Superhero

Are you an awakening superhero?

This online community brought together by New Paradigm Education hosts live discussion groups and courses connecting a wide selection of luminaries and solutionaries who are all dedicated to being the change and working towards the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.

Please do check it out… School for the Awakening Superhero.

Are We Destined to Serve as the Planet’s Brain Cells?

If so, we could be in trouble.  Perhaps we’re asleep at the wheel.

Joking aside.  This is a beautiful and poetic image I have been developing and embellishing over the last few years.

I once heard a talk from a scientist proposing there was a link between the complexity of an organism and its potential for consciousness… which is somewhat supported by advancing theories of Artificial Intelligence in the field of computing.  This was anecdotally connected with the development of the human brain, which appears to ‘turn on’ as it approaches a certain number or density of cells.  Is it possible that humanity’s function to serve as some form of self reflecting consciousness for planet earth is being ignited as time unfolds around us? Continue reading Are We Destined to Serve as the Planet’s Brain Cells?

2015: Year of Transition

New Year’s Day 2015 was a significant day in my life because I finally had the courage to close my Facebook account and to destroy my bank cards turning away from the use of invasive technologies and traditional banks… systems that represent ‘the old way’ of doing things… in favour of employing methods for interaction that are more congruent with a better future for all. Continue reading 2015: Year of Transition

A New Approach to Therapy?

Why do individuals often consider themselves to be the one with an issue as they try in vain to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society?

The truth is that all human woe arises as a response to unhealthy environmental conditions.  IT IS NEVER THE FAULT OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

However, once this has been acknowledged, it then becomes the responsibility of the individual to act.

Instead of paying a therapist when you are suffering, how about engaging a therapist who gets paid when you are well and whose earnings cease when you are not happy?

By employing this principle, inspired by the Chinese model of medical practice, the therapist has a genuine and guaranteed concern to ensure you attain or remain in a good state of health.  This is a different approach to life or health insurance.  Invest a vanishingly small sum every week and have the right to see your therapist whenever you want.  The therapist equally has the right to make strong recommendations motivated by their vested interest in keeping you well.  If a client does not follow the recommendations of the therapist, they lose the implicit right to further treatment unless they are willing to pay more.

Surely this is better for everyone?

Vested Interests and How to End Suffering

Far too many professions on this planet directly profit from the suffering of others which means it’s unlikely those with such vested interests will want to see an end to suffering.  These positions currently include dentists, doctors, lawyers, therapists, the police and many charity workers.  It’s not so easy to trust people who make money from other people’s misery.  If your employment depends on the pain of others, whether or not you can consciously recognise it, you depend on their misery to survive, so the last thing you would want at some level is to genuinely heal their suffering. Continue reading Vested Interests and How to End Suffering

How a Non-Police State Might Look

There are better ways of self organising… it seems worthwhile considering there might just be alternative possibilities:

Positive Law

Law Is a Negative Concept

From the era of the political pamphlet: The Law by Frédéric Bastiat

A little taster:

“The harmlessness of the mission performed by law and lawful defence is self-evident; the usefulness is obvious; and the legitimacy cannot be disputed.

As a friend of mine once remarked, this negative concept of law is so true that the statement, the purpose of the law is to cause justice to reign, is not a rigorously accurate statement. It ought to be stated that the purpose of the law is to prevent injustice from reigning. In fact, it is injustice, instead of justice, that has an existence of its own. Justice is achieved only when injustice is absent.”

Who Cares About Jesus and the Winter Solstice?

The first thing I’d like to say is that I do care, very much… in ways that may not be obvious.  This festival is more about stars and mushrooms than fisherman and kings.

It’s the time of year when social media will be awash with alternative xmas messages and yet there’s still a couple of points that seem to be rarely made.  Hopefully most people now realise the astrological origins of the age-old myth adopted by Christianity… the 12 disciples corresponding to the 12 signs of the zodiac pre-dating Ancient Egypt…

Jesus-vs-Horus Continue reading Who Cares About Jesus and the Winter Solstice?

Time to leave Facebook for alternative networks?

Having seen four friends have their Facebook accounts shut down following posts that expressed political views, it seemed important to start thinking about alternative networks.  A few months ago I listened to a talk by a favourite mentor Brandon Adams where he commented on the increasing importance of private communications which was further highlighted by the recent documentary on Edward Snowden entitled Citizen Four. Continue reading Time to leave Facebook for alternative networks?

Progress and Poverty

Who could dispute the insanity of fleas arguing about who owns the dog?

Not many people seem to have heard of Henry George.  After nearly 25 years of taking a keen interest in Economics I was surprised to find that this man has provided one of the most damning critiques of Adam Smith et al and provides a convincing deconstruction of the logical fallacies that underpin our modern world.

Regardless of the absurdity of the situation, we humans persist in the insanity of disputing who owns the land.  Who could ever own the land?  The confusion between the right to own the product of one’s labour and the right to own the land is crippling civilisation and guarantees our demise if we don’t get over this erroneous thinking.  Every previous empire has fallen when the levels of inequality becomes intolerable.

Quite incredibly, Henry George outlines a beautifully simple means to alter the course of our collective future, should we be willing to challenge the inherited assumptions of the past.  A win-win solution awaits us.

Here’s a link to the book online with a great narration in a soothing voice I’ve enjoyed listening to late at night.

End of the Middleman

It seems to me there is little doubt that the increased urgency for international trade agreements and police militia etc are a result of the panic felt by the financial Powers That Were in the face of decentralised commerce. No longer do we need private banks to stamp the Queen’s head on debt-based, fiat currencies.  This article sums it up nicely:


Furthermore… technology like this makes the decentralised future even more inevitable:

Community Building

The video below is a reading of a piece about the formations of communities written by M Scott Peck, a writer for whom I have a growing appreciation.  He asserts that there is a four stage process that will manifest for almost any community be it a family, a business, a group process or living community.  I love the matter-of-fact way he delivers his understanding and highly recommend giving the time to listening.  I have been on a quest to find what I consider a genuine feeling of community which is a journey that has taken me through extreme highs and lows along the way.  The piece was able to contextualise why that may have been and offers great hope for how to get there and why it’s still worth persevering.