A better world is possible.  My passion and my chosen life’s purpose is to share how we can get there.  Not so much a revolutionary as a solutionary.  I like to think of myself as an evolutionary thinker.

Over the years I’ve worked under all kinds of guises such as Author, Musician, Mediator, Therapist, Teacher, Consultant and Event Organiser as well as a few of my own design such as Focali$er and Catalyst.   It’s been quite a revelation to realise that they all have a thread tying them together, namely, my approach… a connection uniting what had always appeared to me as diverse roles.

As Founder of the charitable trust, New Paradigm Education, sharing information and inspiring people has become my principle concern and it’s a venture that gives me the platform to unite the diverse aspects of my professional life.  For years I have been passionately investigating how we, humanity, came to find ourselves facing the challenges before us… and I’m glad to say that my research has uncovered practical means of transforming each and every aspect of life for the better.  The only thing holding us back is an awareness of the remedies at hand and knowing how these solutions can be applied.  I have clear vision of a win-win future for all.




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