The Latest, Greatest Discovery…

I’ve often described myself as having been educated in the School of Life… but my recent discovery of the YouTube channel going by that name has been a joyful revelation.  Beautifully made, concise, colourful videos… means that catalysing a discussion on any number of topics with children or adults is made very, very easy.  Packed with information and loads of pointers for further exploration.  An excellent resource for self-education.


The End of the Control Mechanism?

It seems to me that we are perched at a point in time where we see an interesting interweave of circumstances that could provide the means to curb the oft repeated cycle of control by a small minority. This pattern, I believe, has the potential to be disrupted. Continue reading The End of the Control Mechanism?

Community Building

The video below is a reading of a piece about the formations of communities written by M Scott Peck, a writer for whom I have a growing appreciation.  He asserts that there is a four stage process that will manifest for almost any community be it a family, a business, a group process or living community.  I love the matter-of-fact way he delivers his understanding and highly recommend giving the time to listening.  I have been on a quest to find what I consider a genuine feeling of community which is a journey that has taken me through extreme highs and lows along the way.  The piece was able to contextualise why that may have been and offers great hope for how to get there and why it’s still worth persevering.