The Peer to Peer Economy

If you really want to feel inspired the direction our culture seems to be moving in and stay ahead of the curve, I highly recommend watching this video.  James Corbett with another excellent report highlighting a whole range of aspects about P@P developments including loads I’d never heard about despite having kept abreast of this subject… check it out…


A World Without War

If we stop paying for wars… there won’t be any… or far less at any rate.

There are two obvious ways of doing that:

1/ Don’t pay taxes.

2/ Use decentralised currencies like Bitcoin.



The End of the Control Mechanism?

It seems to me that we are perched at a point in time where we see an interesting interweave of circumstances that could provide the means to curb the oft repeated cycle of control by a small minority. This pattern, I believe, has the potential to be disrupted. Continue reading The End of the Control Mechanism?

End of the Middleman

It seems to me there is little doubt that the increased urgency for international trade agreements and police militia etc are a result of the panic felt by the financial Powers That Were in the face of decentralised commerce. No longer do we need private banks to stamp the Queen’s head on debt-based, fiat currencies.  This article sums it up nicely:


Furthermore… technology like this makes the decentralised future even more inevitable: