The Peer to Peer Economy

If you really want to feel inspired the direction our culture seems to be moving in and stay ahead of the curve, I highly recommend watching this video.  James Corbett with another excellent report highlighting a whole range of aspects about P@P developments including loads I’d never heard about despite having kept abreast of this subject… check it out…


Make DuckDuckGo your Default Search Engine

If you want to prevent companies from being able to use your search history to create virtual models of yourself in order to target advertising or inform intelligence agencies… try duckduckgo… I’ve been using it for a while now… it’s fast, simple and takes two minutes to change… simply type “Make DuckDuckGo your Default Search Engine” into your default browser and follow the instructions.  This simple act has the potential to protect your data and help release the grip that Google has been gaining over internet services.  This is one more simple step to a truly democratic, decentralised future where no-one has control over our access to information.