One-Straw Education

Inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka‘s One-Straw Revolution, I’ve written an article where I apply his ideas to the field of education:

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Sands School – What Great Education Can Look Like

If you suspect that state education is falling far short of the mark but you can’t quite imagine what good education could look like…. watch this.  Sands School, an excellent example of democratic education seems to be providing an excellent service that celebrates the creativity and the individuality of their students whilst building mutual consideration.

A Great Documentary about Geometry

The Spirit Science series was put together by Jordan Pearce, a young man whose sincerity and passion are unquestionable. I like the way he puts things together and this is highly recommended for anyone who’s interested in broadening their understanding of numbers and how they inter-relate with almost every aspect of human life.

New Paradigm Radio – An Interview with Ian H Powell

Many thanks to Shawn for the invitation and a great interview:

Mostly touching on New Paradigm Education

Also mentioned:

School in the Cloud – a global experiment in Self-Organized Learning

Khan Academy – a non-profit organization providing free education online

Tamera – A school and research station for realistic utopia


Salesman for a Better World

I like to consider myself an advocate for the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.  A salesman offering comprehensive after-sales support for those invested in making that transition. It’s a voluntary position motivated by my own self-interest because I want to live in that world which is slowly coming into view… a world of justness, love and compassion. Continue reading “Salesman for a Better World”

The Peaceful Majority

It seems

The salty tears of history

Have largely washed away

The memories of atrocities

By religious and political ideologies.

Yet what remains

Are figures like stains.

The peaceful majority in Germany

Failed to prevent 60 million deaths

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Are We Destined to Serve as the Planet’s Brain Cells?

If so, we could be in trouble.  Perhaps we’re asleep at the wheel.

Joking aside.  This is a beautiful and poetic image I have been developing and embellishing over the last few years.

I once heard a talk from a scientist proposing there was a link between the complexity of an organism and its potential for consciousness… which is somewhat supported by advancing theories of Artificial Intelligence in the field of computing.  This was anecdotally connected with the development of the human brain, which appears to ‘turn on’ as it approaches a certain number or density of cells.  Is it possible that humanity’s function to serve as some form of self reflecting consciousness for planet earth is being ignited as time unfolds around us? Continue reading “Are We Destined to Serve as the Planet’s Brain Cells?”

Ian H Powell is Dead

A name is not a living thing, it is a sound used to point to something.  A name is a part of speech associated with a given entity.  Ian H Powell was a name given to me by my parents… and as an act of trust… they registered my given name with a group masquerading as a democratic government.  My parents, acting in good faith, unwittingly created a Trust in my name which was then capitalised… in every sense of the word.  The name was altered from Ian H Powell to the capitis diminutio maxima version IAN H POWELL… and a financial value was ascribed to this Trust and added to some accounting columns where it became capital used in order to secure a loan from the debt-based banking syndicates. This creation of a legal fiction may or may not have been initiated with benevolent intent but one thing is very clear… i, a man… am not my name. Continue reading “Ian H Powell is Dead”

Who Cares About Jesus and the Winter Solstice?

The first thing I’d like to say is that I do care, very much… in ways that may not be obvious.  This festival is more about stars and mushrooms than fisherman and kings.

It’s the time of year when social media will be awash with alternative xmas messages and yet there’s still a couple of points that seem to be rarely made.  Hopefully most people now realise the astrological origins of the age-old myth adopted by Christianity… the 12 disciples corresponding to the 12 signs of the zodiac pre-dating Ancient Egypt…

Jesus-vs-Horus Continue reading “Who Cares About Jesus and the Winter Solstice?”

The End of the Control Mechanism?

It seems to me that we are perched at a point in time where we see an interesting interweave of circumstances that could provide the means to curb the oft repeated cycle of control by a small minority. This pattern, I believe, has the potential to be disrupted. Continue reading “The End of the Control Mechanism?”

Community Building

The video below is a reading of a piece about the formations of communities written by M Scott Peck, a writer for whom I have a growing appreciation.  He asserts that there is a four stage process that will manifest for almost any community be it a family, a business, a group process or living community.  I love the matter-of-fact way he delivers his understanding and highly recommend giving the time to listening.  I have been on a quest to find what I consider a genuine feeling of community which is a journey that has taken me through extreme highs and lows along the way.  The piece was able to contextualise why that may have been and offers great hope for how to get there and why it’s still worth persevering.


What is a Focali$er?

Focali$er – a person supporting a process by bringing focus to areas of need. For many years I have worked under the title of Facilitator which is occasionally seen as a dirty word. Facilitate has its origins in ‘easy’ and ‘to make’, therefore I’ve always interpreted it to mean ‘to make easy’.  However, the word has indeed been sullied and there’s no doubt that this role has often been adopted by parasitic persona, often resulting in facipulation, which Paul Levy describes here: “the facipulator has a covert agenda, trying to be clever with events in a way that undermines the freedom to act of others.”

In recent years I’ve become fascinated by the work of a German research project called Tamera who employ the term focaliser/focalizer for the people who facilitate their meetings and group forums. Focaliser/focalizer has not been adopted in the UK or in France, as yet, and depending on how you spell the word, some interesting definitions are thrown up online.

‘Focaliser’ is a verb in French (they pronounce fo-kal-ee-zay) which has some lovely definitions, it broadly means to focus but I really like these: “to use or exercise the mind or one’s power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments” “devote (oneself) fully to”

A focalizer is a term used when discussing narratives and can be defined as the “character from whose point of view the story is told.”

Inspired by ‘Globalised English’, I have chosen to create a synthesis of these two concepts resulting in the new word Focali$er, allowing me to combine a number of ideas into one term. For a more complete definition:

Focali$er (fō′kə-līz′ə) noun. ‘facilitator of a process bringing focus to hidden needs using insight to find an empowering narrative for transformation’

Focali$e (fō′kə-līz′) verb. ‘to bring attention to an area of need’

The adoption of the $ sign in the spelling is a means of replacing an ‘s’ or a ‘z’ and projects the usage of a word into a state of consciousness that goes beyond the current monetary paradigm.

The Suppressed Spirituality of the West

One of my mentors, Paul Levy, inspired me not to overlook Western metaphysics, he investigated Buddhism and meditation in early life but later discovered Rudolf Steiner and the like.  This is another inspiring man, Thomas Sheridan with a reminder to value our own heritage.

Hitler didn’t die in a bunker but retired to Argentina

I love it when the narrative of accepted history must be rewritten.  We have been so thoroughly lied to this century.